See Photo of Journalist That Exposed Ganduje’s $5M Bribe while in Governor’s office


Pictured is the governor of Kano state, Umar Ganduje and Jaafar Jaafar, an investigative journalist and publisher of DailyNigerian online platform, who exposed and released videos of the governor purportedly receiving bribe to the tune of $5 million after he was caught on a spy camera.

This was when the going was good between the governor and the journalist as he was hosted at the Kano state government house.

Two videos released – captured show governor Ganduje, receiving part of $5m bribe from a contractor and stuffing them in his pockets.

The first video was released to the public on Sunday while the second, on Monday.

Gov Ganduje of Kano and Investigative Journalist

The money was part of tranches received amounting to about $5million from contractors in the state.

According to Daily Nigerian, contractors said that the governor personally receives from 15 to 25 percent kickbacks for every project executed in the state.

The governor has vehemently denied the bribe allegations as he said the videos were doctored.

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