GIST: Lady defends her decision to marry her stepdad who divorced her mom for dating her sister [READ MORE]


A Lady has stirred a debate on twitter after her response led to the discovery of a purported bizarre nature of her marriage.

The lady identified as Tyffin said she is happily married to her step-father who got divorced from her mother because dated her sister, NEWS FLAKES NG gathers.

Tyffin’s tweet was her answer to an initial tweet which asked;

If a week to your wedding you find out your partner had dated one of your family members 5yrs ago, what would you do?

Tyffin’s tweets read ;

My step father dated my sister, this lead to his divorce with my mom, and today we(i and my step father) are happily married.. so yes, you shouldn’t let such stop you

Of course the whole family is cool with it, my mom stayed for 3 months after i had my first child and my sister still visits, love sees beyond little things like “past” which no one can change. Why him? He is a good man, so why not him. 

Y’all frown so much at this but are cool with Adam and Eve or should i say Noah kids, please it’s my life and my choice. Society shouldn’t lay rules for you. My Husband didn’t cheat on my mom, she only broke up with him cos he once dated my sister. We past that now.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding please get this right, my husband didn’t cheat on my mom with my sis, he dated my sister before he ever met my mom, i never knew it is so frown at like this would have kept it to myself, if you pissed we are Saarland, Germany ✌🏾

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