2019: Atiku Abubakar Boos Buhari’s APC govt as President Delivers New Year Message to Nigerians [READ MORE]

– Buhari APC Govt has brought untold harship to Nigerians – Atiku 

– Nigerians desire peace, security, prosperity, inclusiveness and infrastructural development – PMB

Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government as he rejoices with Nigerians for witnessing another new year 2019 which the president prophesied would “be a very significant one” for the country.

Buhari while congratulating Nigerians also mentioned the forthcoming general elections which he pledged would be “free, fair and credible”.

See Full text of the President’s message below as obtained by NEWS FLAKES NG;


Dear compatriots,

It is my utmost pleasure to rejoice with all Nigerians as we enter the year 2019, which will be a very significant one for our country.

2. At the turn of every year, we often use the opportunity to look back at the past and forward to the future. To review the outgoing year, its high and low points, successes and failures, and be fully thankful to God.

3. We Nigerians are a religious people, and we believe that God reigns and rules in the affairs of men. A time like this offers precious opportunity for thanksgiving, stock taking and reflection on goals and targets set for the receding year, and how much was accomplished. The ones not done can then be rolled over into a new year.

4. The dawn of a New Year is also a time to look forward. To consider new prospects, unfold our plans, and prepare for landmark dates and events.

5. 2019 will be an election year for us. In about two months, the polls are due, and we will elect leaders into various offices, at national and state levels.

6. As I welcome you into 2019, I also reiterate my many promises and declarations that the general elections will be free, fair and credible.

7. Elections need not be do or die affair, and we should not approach that eventuality in a democracy with trepidation and mortal fear. Happily, a large number of presidential candidates have committed to peace, and peace we shall have.

8. Those who continue to trumpet falsehood and negativity are on their own, fighting a losing battle. The greater number of Nigerians are trusting and believing that we shall deliver on our promises for a level playing field at the polls, and that is what we shall do.

9. Nigerians desire peace, security, prosperity, inclusiveness and infrastructural development, a nation they can be proud of, a country that can hold its own among the nations.

10. That is the journey we have embarked on since we came onboard in 2015, and we are not distracted as we move on. We are resolved to build a country in which the resources are utilized for the benefit of the largest number, and not appropriated by a privileged few in their never ending quest to satisfy their greed. We are on this mission together, and I assure you of a firm commitment to the ideals of a safe, secure, fair, just and prosperous country.

11. We have had our challenges: security, economic, political, social. But we are resolved to combat and overcome them all.

12. I appreciate your support and collaboration in previous years, and look forward to same in 2019, and beyond, as I hope you will renew the mandate you overwhelmingly gave us in 2015, for another term.

13. We are motivated by nothing other than service to motherland, and service without selfishness or personal interest.

14. I can assure you all that we are making steady and sustainable progress in all areas of national life. Those who are unbiased can see and appreciate the progress the country has made since 2015.

14. A New Year provides opportunity for renewal of commitment, and I invite you to rededicate yourselves to the vision of a Nigeria that works for all.

15. We are moving from potentials to actualization, and it’s a task to be accomplished by us all; man, woman, young, old, military, civilian, all Nigerians.

Please come along, as we journey to the land of our dreams. Happy 2019.

17. Thank you and God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

However, in what seemed like an immediate response, the 2019 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, took a swipe at the Buhari administration, saying it has brought more hardship to Nigerians.

In a Facebook post via his verified Twitter handle @ Atiku, and entitled, ‘My New Year Message To Nigerians,’ sent from Abuja,  and dated 31 December, 2018, Atiku wrote:
My dear fellow citizen;

“As 2018 comes to an end and 2019 beckons, on behalf of my family and I, let me wish you and your family a very happy New Year in advance.

In 2018, we became the world headquarters for extreme poverty, however,  I am convinced that in 2019, if we chart a new course, we can become the world headquarters for hope and extreme devotion to the cause of lifting our people out of poverty .

2019 is as yet a blank page . As a nation , we must not settle for whatever it brings . Rather, we must take collective action, through our choices , in making it a year where we revive national hope , with visionary leadership that sees our economy and institutions working again as they did in our golden era.

We can chart a new course and open a new chapter that sees every Nigerian living in peace and prosperity with their neighbour . It can be the year when our youths finally get a job instead of being unfairly tagged as lazy. With purposeful leadership , it can also be the year when we put an end to terrorism and usher in a golden age of peace.

Buhari and Atiku

But it will not just happen by itself. We have to make changes from the top all the way to the bottom . We already have the vision, the vision of a nation that is a beacon of hope for the Black Race and the world at large, what we lack and what 2019 can provide , is the leadership that has the capacity to translate that vision into reality .

In 2019, Nigerians need a leadership that is 100 % for 100 % of Nigerians , 100 % of the time . We have seen where division and sectionalism has led us to. Now let us try unity and patriotism .

Don’t lose heart and hope.  Nigeria is no stranger to overcoming difficulties. In fact, we have an uncanny ability to perform our best when the worst is upon us . I urge my fellow countrymen and women to remember how we became the first nation in the world to defeat and overcome the Wild Ebola Virus , when even First World nations were struggling with the scourge .

That resilience is domiciled in our national psyche and together we shall win forever . We shall win over forces of disunity . We shall win over forces of poverty and backwardness .

But more importantly , in 2019 , I want Nigerians to know that it is possible to have a leadership that is compassionate and that this does not equate to weakness. A leadership that is bold but not domineering. A leadership that is intelligent,  but not arrogant .

Indeed, that is the only type of leadership that can navigate the difficulties currently facing our dear nation and lead us to Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress,  which are our national motto and which are the hope of all Nigerians .

Once again , I wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2019 be the year of Nigeria .

Atiku Abubakar

Waziri of Adamawa

Presidential Candidate of PDP & Vice President of Nigeria , 1999 -2007″

Recall that the two frontline presidential candidates have been engaged in war of words lately ahead of the 2019 general elections, especially the presidential polls slats slated for February 16, 2019.

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