Car Accident Crushes Four College Students in Abeokuta [SEE PHOTOS]

A Car accident in Abeokuta on Friday has killed one student and injured four  others in the Idi-Aba area of the Ogun State capital.

The accident involving a Toyota Avensis car was reported to have occurred after the car lost control due to Tyre burst, somersaulted and and crushed four students of the Government Technical College, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The Spokesperson of Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) in Ogun State, Mr Babatunde Akinbiyi, confirmed the incident to News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday.

He said that the the students where crushed where they sat after the car lost control due to tyre burst

“The vehicle lost control due to tyre burst and speeding , sumarsaulted and went to meet people sitting down outside a house instantly killing five of them and injuring two others.

The accident occurred around 10:40pm. Four female college students and a little girl died on the spot.

We Learnt they were students of Government Technical College, Abeokuta.

They came for a Muslim programme called Tarjuud which was to start by 12am but were still outside around 10:30 pm, waiting for 12am to enter a mosque where the programme will take place before the incident happened.

Alcoholic drinks were found in the car and unfortunately the driver of the car could not be located, ” he said.

The corpses of the deceased had been deposited at the morgue of the Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Abeokuta while the injured were taken to same hospital.

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