Gov Amosun, Ogun Govt to Obtain $350m World Bank Loan Three Weeks to Hand Over

NEWS FLAKES NG gathers that the Ogun state government has concluded plans to obtain $350m loan from the World Bank.

Ibikunle Amosun, governor of the state, disclosed this when he received a delegation of the bank in Abeokuta, the state capital.

The loan, according to Amosun, would help create a system-driven environment for business, needed for better welfare of citizens and good governance.

He said his administration would do everything possible to secure the loan, saying the incoming administration already had the support needed to enhance good governance.

He urged the bank’s team to fast-track the process for its final approval.

Kofi Nouve, leader of the delegation, said the loan would help the state government put in place necessary reforms and critical social investments that would help uplift the welfare of the populace.

“The team has got the final approval to proceed with the final design mission,” Nouve said.

Nouve, who disclosed that the project has design process has been on for about two years, assured that in the next one month, the project would be submitted to the World Bank’s Board in Washington for final approval. Once obtained, this would enable the release of the funds and the commencement of implementation of this landmark program.

Amosun, in his reaction, said his administration would do all that was possible to ensure that the state gets this much needed support from the Bank, noting that the incoming administration already has a ready made support to enhance delivery and good governance.

He also emphasised that the lengthy and painstaking process that the State had been through in designing and developing this landmark program, likely to be the first of its kind in Nigeria, has already significantly improved the workings of Government, positioning the state to realise its vast potential.

It should be noted that the governor had appointed over 1,000 workers into the state’s civil service and promoted 5,000 government workers barely a month to the end of his tenure.

Amosun will hand over to Dapo Abiodun, the governor-elect, on May 29.

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