See The Man Blogger Blessing Okoro Claimed His House Was Hers (Photos)



Although she had yesterday claimed the matter has been resolved with the owner after it was revealed she posted photos of the house for clouts.

Okoro Blessing in the audio admitted to faking the house, and she planned on waiting for a while for the whole saga to die down, before she builds a replica of the house so as to launder her own image online.

The blogger was arrested earlier today, and forced to make a video to admit that the 7-Bedroom duplex she claimed to have built from scratch does not belong to her.


Who Is Onye Eze Money?

Well for Nigerians that have have asking who the man is.

Not much is known about him, but some reports have it that he is a Malaysia-based billionaire and feared his house was about to be hijacked by someone he never knew.

Blessing Okoro however later came online to calm her followers and assured them the matter has been resolved.



2 thoughts on “See The Man Blogger Blessing Okoro Claimed His House Was Hers (Photos)

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