Those controlling soul of APC will not allow southerner to succeed Buhari – Babatope

Former minister of transport and a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, Mr Ebenezer Babatope, has stated that those who control the spiritual movement of the All Progressives Congress, APC, would never allow anybody in southern Nigeria lead the country again.

Babatope, who turned 76 this year in an interview with New Telegraph newspaper.

According to him, southerners in the APC hoping to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari are ‘’deluding themselves’’ and ‘’wasting their time.’’

When asked about his opinion on whether power should return to the south in 2023 after President Buhari who is from the north would have completed his two terms, Ebenezer said: “I can only talk of my party. I am waiting for the directive of my party.

“That is why we are appealing to those who are managing the affairs of PDP now to ensure that we are guided by the best interest.

“If the best interest includes fielding somebody from the south at that time, they will tell us. But I believe that we should not say that we are closing our eyes to the fact that we in the south must provide leadership. I am saying that we must ensure justice.

“For example, if it becomes absolutely difficult to present Atiku Abubakar again, let us present a candidate that will win. Even if that candidate comes from the north or south, let us have that candidate that will push APC out of power.

“The APC government is an aberration. The APC government is a terrible regime. We must put a stop to it and God Almighty will guide us on how to put a stop to it.”

Asked if he is suggesting that Atiku should re-contest in 2023, he said: “I am not saying that but if it is to re-present Atiku that is the stand of the party, good and fine. And if it is another candidate, good and fine.

“But I am saying that Atiku was a good candidate in 2019 elections and that mobilised our party to the last election. Anybody to be presented must be a good candidate. But we are not guided by the narrow definition of south and north.

“Those in the APC who are deluding themselves that power would be given to them in the south and they will present Mr. A or Mr. B are wasting their time.

“Those who control the spiritual movement of APC would never allow the south-west or anybody in the south to rule.”

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