Alleged Babcock University Student Leaks S*x Tape With Fellow Student [WATCH FULL VIDEO]

A sex tape of an alleged Babcock University Student leaked online has thrown the social media into frenzy.

A video has surfaced online showing two Babcock students having s3* in their school clinic without protection on.

The video has since caused a stir online and is now trending as many social media users have since began to share their thoughts on the video.

In the video, both students aware engaging in the s3*ual act without protection on and just the girl in it deciding on giving the young man or@ls just at the end.

Watch Graphic video below as obtained by NEWS FLAKES NG [NOTE: Viewers’ Discretion Advised];

As of the time of posting this, the cause and the person who shared the video of the two students caught doing d*gqy-style inside the s3* tape have not been identified yet and the person who is responsible for the leakage is unknown.



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