Meet father and son who graduated together from same college on same day

– Brandon Gathers and his father, Antonio, graduated from the South Carolina college on the same day

– While the 49-year-old father got a masters in rehabilitation counselling, the 23-year-old son got his first degree in business management

– Antonio’s son described his father as a perfect black father figure who is intelligent and God-fearing

Brandon Gathers and his father, Antonio had a very memorable moment as they both graduated from the same school on the same day.

According to Black News, the duo had graduation together despite the fact that the father was 26 years older than his son.

The father, 49 years old, got his masters degree in rehabilitation counselling from South Carolina while his son, a 23-year-old man got his bachelors degree in business management.

It should be noted that Brandon earlier put in for a transfer to South Carolina and would have graduated before his father if he had not done that.

In talking with ABC News 4, the lovely parent and son said they both are sources of inspiration to each other.

Antonio said he is amazed by his father’s sense of perseverance, while Brandon said his dad is the perfect example of a black male father figure.

“He was an inspiration to me, just seeing his perseverance. Doing other things, and having a full-time career, you kind of put yourself on the back burner.

And it was just really important to me to get his degree to pursue another avenue in my life and in my career so that I could help people,” his father said.

The duo said they find themselves as sources of inspiration to each other. Photo source: Black News Source: UGC

Brandon also went on about how his father is very intelligent, God-fearing and successful.

“He’s like my inspiration. He’s the perfect model of a black male father figure. He’s a God-fearing man, he’s successful, he’s intelligent, he knows what he’s doing. He is just a great person in general,” he said.

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