I Was Not In My Right Senses – Etinosa Apologises For Turning The Bible Into An Ashtray


Actress Etinosa, has come forward to apologize for using the Bible as an ashtray, after declaring Proverb 22 as a scam.

According to the actress,no one in their right senses will do such a thing.

The controversial actress trended for days after she used the Bible as an ash tray and later declared that she will do worse with the Quran if she is paid in millions.

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Her action caused a lot of reactions on social media with many expressing their displeasure for spiting God’s word.

However, the comedienne cum actress in a new video, has apologised for her actions, begging people to forgive her, explaining that she will never berate any man’s beliefs, and that such acts should never have been carried out for what ever reasons…

“I deeply apologize to everyone offended by my viral video and my choice of ash tray in that video. i would never berate any man’s beliefs. However, if You think say you Sabi smoke come @smokeboxng. Be there right now @mrsmokeboxng #GameUP” she said.

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