How To Determine If What You Feel For Someone is True Love [A MUST READ]

Love and infatuation are different feelings often mistaken for each other. Love can be defined as a profound and caring affection toward someone or a feeling of intense attraction towards someone. While to infatuate us to inspire with unreasoning love or attachment.

There is only a little way to determine of a certain feeling for someone is Love or infatuation. Here are son tips on how to know when what you’ve got for someone isn’t Real love:

1. Not being able to focus as they are always on your mind.

If that Person is always on your mind and you are not able to focus on a lot of more important things, then that is “Infatuation”. Real love fits into one’s life rather than usurping it. Instead of making you not been able to focus on your activities, real love makes you do them happily, calmly in good mood with the thought of that person in your mind.

2. You’ll do whatever it takes to impress them in order not to lose them

Loving isn’t impressing. You keep trying so hard to be someone you’re not in order to make them see reasons to continue to stay. Healthy love doesn’t involve fear of loss. Only low self-esteem and lack of conviction will make one do extraordinary things in order not to lose them.

How to know if what you feel is really Love:

1. You prioritize them

You actually care about their wants and needs and prioritize them in a way that doesn’t hurt or tear you down. While trying to provide their needs, it is bad to compromise your own wants and needs, or base your value on your ability to keep them happy.

2. They’re the best part of your day

If you are happy with your life and they add to it, then it is love, but if you are unhappy and using them as an oasis, then you need to get your **** together.

In conclusion, you don’t feel love, you do it. Love depends solely on the action and not the feeling. It is a moment by moment decision and recommitment. You invest, you exert effort. You are secure without demanding constant reassurance.

You learn their love language. You think in terms of their interests, not yours alone. You make their needs yours. You support, take care, accept flaws. That is Love.

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