‘You spend less when you date a woman that likes you’ – Sandra Ankobiah

Ghanaian socialite and Lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah has stated emphatically that a man spends less on a lady that actually likes him. The chilling lover made that revelation via her Snapchat handle. Her post actually is a prior warning to the guys who are having a huge demand from their girlfriends prior to the festive season. She wrote: “You spend less when you date a woman that actually likes you.” Many Ghanaian ladies have devised ways and means of spending cash from guys that they don’t really like. They tend to ask for outrageous favors from them and then later dwag them for their true love. With this new tip, my [Read]

“I can’t count the number of men I have slept with” – Social media celebrity, Queen Facardi

A popular Ghanaian social media celebrity, Queen Facardi, had said she ventured into prostitution after her applications for jobs in several companies and agencies failed to yield fruits. She said she can’t count the number of men she has had sex with since she started. While appearing on the Delay Show during a live broadcast with host Deloris Frimpong, Queen spoke about her sexual life and why she started having sex with multiple men, Queen said she began sleeping with men because she couldn’t find a job after applying for a long time. After her countless job applications didn’t yield fruit, she said she decided to make use of her [Read]

How To Determine If What You Feel For Someone is True Love [A MUST READ]

Love and infatuation are different feelings often mistaken for each other. Love can be defined as a profound and caring affection toward someone or a feeling of intense attraction towards someone. While to infatuate us to inspire with unreasoning love or attachment. There is only a little way to determine of a certain feeling for someone is Love or infatuation. Here are son tips on how to know when what you’ve got for someone isn’t Real love: 1. Not being able to focus as they are always on your mind. If that Person is always on your mind and you are not able to focus on a lot of more [Read]

A woman with brain can turn a broke man to a millionaire – Toyin Lawani

  Popular Lagos-based socialite, Toyin Lawani has given some tips of advice regarding relationships and placement choices as it correlates with finances and intellect. The designer who took to her Instagram page to say that a woman with a brain can turn a broke man into a millionaire also noted that a beautiful woman with nothing upstairs can turn a millionaire into a broke man. See her post; In other news, Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has said she finds nothing wrong in a woman showing affection to her man by buying him gifts. She gave her opinion on the popular topic of women buying things for their men, stating that [Read]

‘Comedian Broda Shaggi now Otedola’s son-in-law’

Comedian Brodashaggi is now the son-in-law of billionaire Femi Otedola, after he commented on a viral video in which DJ Cuppy appears to kiss the comedian. “My son-in-law”, Femi Otedola commented, obviously jokingly, amidst the thousands of retweets and comments the video has generated. In her own post of the video, DJ Cuppy tantalisingly wrote: Dreams do come through, breaking her comment with a kissing emoji and then adding: congrats to Brodashaggi. Brodashaggi, real name Samuel Perry, must have been in a dreamworld for landing a kiss with Cuppy as the video shows him collapsing afterwards. He wrote: “FINALLY, I kissed Dj Coppied (Sic)”. On Brodashaggi’s Instagram account, the post [Read]

[OPINION]: Why Ladies Should Woo A Man They Desire [A MUST READ]

Do you know that it is practically difficult for a lady to be with a man she has no desire for?…and whilst it is easy for men to manage a lady they don’t really have feelings for, it will be very difficult for a lady to do same but unfortunately in most cases when a lady sees a guy she strongly desires, all she does is wait and hope the guy woos her – an unfortunate situation I must say. A lady who has no feelings for a guy will find it hard to be under the same roof with such let alone allowing the guy to touch her in [Read]

From School Daughter And School Father In Secondary School, To Husband And Wife; They Found True Love [READ MORE]

  It’s more like a dream come through through for this couple. A Facebook user shared his beautiful experience of how he met his wife. According to him, They met back in secondary school and it was just a school father and daughter relationship as Chukuwunomso was asked to take care of his wife today by her elder sister while she left school. Now, He will be taking care of her forever as they began their journey in holy matrimony. Read what he wrote below and some of their photos below; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. We started as innocent friends, school father and daughter. [Read]

33% of Women Go on Dates Just for FREE Food – Study Reveals

For all you fellas out there, looks like the friendzone might be turning into a more desired place to be at when it comes to the girl you’re crushing on. I mean, you definitely wouldn’t want to be her Foodie Call. What’s a Foodie Call, you ask? Well, similarly to a Booty Call, a Foodie Call is someone a girl calls when she’s hungry and wants to eat and when we meant eat, we mean you’re paying for all the food. Often times these Foodie Calls may seem like a date, but don’t get it twisted, for she’s very much not that into you. A study by the Azusa Pacific University and [Read]