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‘Having football club is not in the Bible’ – Catholic Rev. Father Tackles MFM Founder on Christmas Day Comment

A Catholic priest has responded to the viral comments of the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM) General Overseer, Dr Daniel Olukoya, condemning Christmas as “unbiblical”. Dr. Olukoya said the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries does not participate in the celebration of Christmas because no book in the bible recorded the word “Christmas” and that Jesus born on December 25. He added that December 25 is a date originally set aside by the ancient Romans for the Mars festival by the worshippers of the sun. Olukoya said the birth of Christ was the same date Mars festival do their events and since it’s popularity it was renamed “Christmas”. [Read]

Nigerian football club signs player for N5,000

A football club In Kano, Kano state of Nigeria, Super Stars club, has signed a new player, Ibrahim Salisu Iriyos, for a club-record of N5,000. Super Stars plays a division two football club in Kano State FA league. According to BBC Pidgin, the transfer is the most expensive one in the town as Iriyos used to play for Aston Villa Gano, before his transfer to Super Stars. It was reported that Iriyos was known for scoring goals and showed interest in playing for Super Stars before he got signed. Aston Villa Gano is a football club in Dawakin Kudu Local Government Area for Kano State. The same town where the [Read]