GIST: Meet Mark Eddo, ‘White face’ Anchor Of Nigeria 2019 Presidential Debate [READ MORE]

Nigerians were taken aback to find a ‘white face’ as Twitter handle described him, an unfamiliar face anchoring the 2019 presidential debate.

He is Mark Eddo!

Eddo, according to his bio, is an international journalist and CEO of Mark Eddo Media Ltd.

NEWS FLAKES NG gathers that between 2006 and 2009 Mark was the Senior Correspondent Business and Economics for ITV News in London. On most week nights Mark joined Sir Trevor Macdonald on the News at Ten and kept ITV’s 5 million regular viewers informed on all the major business stories.

Before ITN, Mark spent 4 years working as a presenter and reporter at the BBC in London. He regularly hosted ‘World Business Report’ on BBC World. Mark provided BBC reports from Asia, South Africa, the USA and the Middle East.

Until March 2012, he continued to work for the BBC as the roving reporter for BBC World’s Africa Business Report. Mark has also reported for Al Jazeera, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC in San Francisco and The Wall Street Journal TV in New York.

Mark is a respected public speaker who has moderated many major international business events such as the United Nations Habitat conference in Naples and Kigali and Economist Magazine Conferences in Abuja, Lagos and Addis Ababa.

Mark is the son of a Nigerian engineer and a British nurse. He grew up in Lagos and London.

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