Adebutu, Dayo's unholy alliance is pulling PDP down - Kashamu

Ogun PDP Crisis

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L-R: Senator Kashamu, Adebutu and Bayo Dayo


OGUN - Former Senator representing Ijebu East Senatorial District, Buruji Kashamu has once again accused Hon. Ladi Adebutu and embattled former Chairman of the state chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, of working against the stability and growth of the party. 


Senator Kashamu made this known in a recent press statement issued in Abeokuta, a copy of which was made available to NEWS FLAKES NG


According to the Ex- Senator and PDP chieftain, the alleged unholy alliance between Adebutu and Engr Bayo Dayo has continued to stall the growth and significant progress of the party in state for some time now. 


While alluding to the last governorship election in the state, he further revealed that it was the alleged betrayal of Adebutu and Dayo that cost the PDP the opportunity to gain access into the Oke-mosan seat of power while claiming that the duo were not ready for any genuine reconciliation with other leaders of the party especially in the state. 


See his full statement below as obtained by NEWS FLAKES NG;

"I believe that everyone of you has been following the situation in Ogun state since Adebayo Dayo betrayed the structure and the people behind the structure.  I do not have much to say, you have read everything in the paper, you are all aware of what have been going on between me, other elders and members of the party.  It is very simple, Adebayo has been with us for good ten years, he got all what he supposed to have, he has achieved a lot of things in his time since he got to that position.  


Before he became a party chairman, Adebayo Dayo was an hunter, he was zero;  he came with only house which he did not even finish at that time, but he left with about almost eight houses.  When it remain one month for him to leave that position, he decided to sell the structure to Ladi Adebutu and betray everyone of us.  And that is why you have been seeing a lot of misunderstanding, lot of battles, we have been exchanging many words between each other.  We have to leave that matter to the hand of the court because the Exco has taken him to court.  


I have decided to leave this area in the hand of competent court to decide this.  


When we lost election, I have to stay behind to put my things in order because I lost a lot of money. Like for good four years,  I have been fighting to put the party together while some people (Ladi Adebutu) on the other side are doing everything to break the party. At the end of the day during the election, I was at the law side while he was at illegality side with the national.  When the law say it is this, they will say this is contrary to the law; we have to fight to the last minute when the INEC decided who to be candidate or not.  But, believe me if it wasn't because of Ladi Adebutu arrogance,  there is no reason why we will not be in government of Ogun state today. But because of his arrogance and he believe he has arrived, he believes he can betray anybody like Engr. Dayo betrayed me.  If he Adebutu can tell Engr. Dayo to betray me, he should know that Engr. Dayo can do the same, but the two of them are almost the same.  If you remember, it was our group that gave Ladi Adebutu ticket to become House of Representatives which offcourse he won with all the supports  we gave to him.  It wasn't up to three months that he got there that he has started fighting with the structure up till today because he want to become a governor.  He has never call me one day to tell me that he want to become a governor or for me to say maybe I don't  want to follow or support him. But, if he has never tell me he want to become a governor and you believe that because your father is having money, the only to do is for you to use power of that money when me I myself I am not a poor person. For him to use that power of that money to betray me because my own best friend that you met with me, Fayose is now supporting you.  Fayose use him( Adebutu) in other to destroy the foundation of the structure that was built in southwest.  I refuse to be betray by him and that is why the problem continue till today.


There is no reason for us to lose that election if it is not because of his continuation of his betrayal. We are in court and we both agreed that let us work together and anybody that win the case will take over later.  Two days before the election, they deliver the judgment in Abeokuta, then he packed all his whole supporters to APM to go and signed agreement with APM. He took almost 50 per cent of our supporters to the other side, then he left maybe about 50 which I controlled.  If he joined the APM and at the end of the day, they are still unable  to win election at that time, why does he has to continue with this problem again.  What makes him to think that if he succeed to get the structure from us that he will be able to win election when you fail to win the election when you join with APM the other time.  


I moved back to come and set up because I lost a lot of things through my business , I say let me come and rest for one year and then from there we can start putting things back.  But, they think maybe I am weak and they started saying all these rubbish and at the end Engr. Bayo decided to betray and if is like that, something that I was thinking of doing maybe next year, then I should start doing it now so that they will not kill the party for me. 


Since about two months, I have been trying to get all our members that have gone to other parties, they have started coming back and we have started reinforcing the structures which I believe that all the members that went to Ladi who are not satisfied over there will come back.  80 per cent of people with Ladi are tired, many of them have been calling he doesn't know politics, they don't understand the way he does his politics.


Also, Ladi is my junior brother, I don't want to become governor, I don't want to contest for governorship again or Senate, it is Ladi that is looking for governorship seat and I have said let us join hand together to reconcile everybody so that we can be stronger to face the opponent.  But, I don't know he want to be an Alpha and Omega, he doesn't want any other person to outshine him.  If not because of the money of his father, has he ever work before? If me as a leader face him, he is a leader.  He knows that my life is very simple and people love me, he knows people will always prefer me more than him, but he want to be overall and that is why he can never be part of reconciliation.  He is using that structure to make money from his father, that is why he can never  allow the settlement in Ogun PDD. The structure does not belong to one person, you can only be a major  financier of the party, but that does not mean you have to be a sole leader of the party.  

if Ladi believe that he can do anything without support from Gbenga Daniel or if I myself believe I can do anything without support from Gbenga Daniel, then I am decieveing myself because OGD owns the structure and many loyalists of the party are still loyal to OGD.  


I have thrown the reconciliation to them, but if they are not willing and if it is his business by using that one to get money from his father, the problem will continue.  Me I can only do what I can do to put other people together, except at the end of the day if the other members who are with him realise that he has nowhere to take them to and they come back to us,  then we will not need him.  But, as it stands now, I am ready to sacrifice whatever it is in other for the party to be stable in the state, that is why I propose that let us do reconciliation.  Even if you Ladi said that you want governor, I will give you, I don't have any problem, but you what governor does not mean you will be the only candidate, other people can also contest.  As for me, I will never contest for any position in Ogun state again, but there is no way you will be seeing yourself as Alpha and omega like Ladi is doing and you will expect the party to move forward. We have started, there is no problem in Ogun state, the only person that is causing problem is Ladi.  


I have urged the national for them to leave us because all politics are local.  Fayose should keep to Ekiti, he should remove his hand in Ogun state matter, how can he be putting his mouth in the crisis in Ogun when he is facing lot of problem at Ekiti.







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