Comrade Arabambi denies involvement in Bayo Dayo's removal as Ogun PDP Chair, sets records straight

Ogun PDP crisis

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PHOTO: Ogun Labour Party Chairman, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi


ABEOKUTA - The Ogun state Chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has denied having a hand in the suspension and subsequent removal of Engr Bayo Dayo as the state chairman of People's Democratic Party (PDP). 


Comrade Arabambi, who is also the immediate past Chairman of the Ogun State Inter - Party Advisory Council (IPAC), made this clarification in a recent press statement issued in Abeokuta where he also debunked allegations from the camp of the embattled former Ogun PDP Chairman that he was being prepared by Senator Buruji Kashamu to take over the affairs of the party as the new state Chairman. 


In the release, he also accused Engr Bayo Dayo as allowing himself to be used as Chief Ladi Adebutu's political stooge in the state in a bid to drag him into the current crisis rocking PDP in the state. 


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See full details of the release below as obtained by NEWS FLAKES NG;



Bayo Dayo is an accessory to Ladi Adebutu 2023 Political Isolation Failure and Total Political Oblivion~ Ogun Lp Chairman Arabambi


My attention was drawn to statement credited to the suspended former Chairman of PDP in Ogun state Engr. Bayo Dayo wherein he claims that the crisis that engulfed Ogun PDP was because the Distinguished Senator Buruji Kashamu was poised to use me as the next state chairman.


Ordinarily, one would have waved off this allegation as a rant from a political miscreant or one coming from the wrapped mind of one possibly numbed by high COVID-19 fever. But as known in these parts, a lie repeatedly told, has a way of transmuting to the truth thus a response to clear these dangerous allegations is therefore a child of necessities and set the record straight once and for all.




Normally, one should expect a 75yrs old individual for the sake of his dignity be able to restrain himself from telling lies that are hellish and totally nauseating.

I view this lies and propaganda as a prelude to LADI ADEBUTU effort to use Engr. Bayo Dayo as a smokescreen to silence me perpetually in death as the man who hated me with world record hatred is no one than LADI ADEBUTU


For Engr Bayo Dayo, the newly acquired political stooge of ADEBUTU to deliberately add my person to PDP's political disputes is so much disappointing.


At this point, I must put some facts on record: 

I am Comrade Arabambi ABAYOMI.( The Ogburu-gburu 1 of Ogun State) the immediate past Chairman of IPAC (Ogun State Chapter and the sitting undisputed State Chairman of Ogun State LP.

I visited you base on your invitation on a peace mission at Ijebu Igbo and meet with Aare Remilekun Bakare whom you also invited separately and we spent over 4 hours with you. You were even magnanimous enough to entertain us with two chilled bottles of Coca-Cola.


It was also true that you told us that Sir Kenshington Adebutu promised you #100 million (One Hundred Million Naira) with an upfront payment of #20 million Naira (Twenty Million Naira) to betray Senator Buruji Kashamu so that LADI ADEBUTU can have political platform to run and defeat the incumbent Governor Dapo Abiodun in 2023.


However, you told us that you have not collected the 20m advance money from his son, LADI ADEBUTU.


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Meanwhile, it is a blatant lie to claim that we offered you the sum of #10 million Naira (Ten million Naira) on Sunday 5th day of April 2020 so that you could sign the result of the Ogun PDP State Congress that you by yourself sought and got my assistance in handling the Administrative issues involved in the conduct of your party ward, Local Govt and State Congress after the defection of Alh Semiu Shodipo to the Adebutu camp.


 It is now very clear that considering the very recent happenings and your press release that you lied through your teeth against myself and Aare Remi Bakare. From the benefit of hindsight, it is clear and obvious that you have collected the #20 million Naira or perhaps the entire N100m you told us Sir Keshington Adebutu offered you to destroy your benefactor (SEN BURUJI KASHAMU) Political dynasty.


You are aware that you have nothing to offer Hon Ladi Adebutu as a former State Chairman of Ogun PDP, except simply as Engr Bayo Dayo.


Let me for a while slow down to have a closer look at the complex deceptive game you are trying to play with Hon Ladi Adebutu to scam his father, the highly respected Odole of Yorubaland through lying by claiming that the party structures in your hand will automatically be made available and administrable to Hon Ladi Adebutu to forward his mirage of an aspiration .


Between me and you and God, you, Engr Bayo Dayo is aware that the non-existent party structures you are waving at Lado still completely remain under Senator Buruji Kashamu.


Let me quickly talk about your press release of lies .


Rather than you repeating what you told myself and Aare in your house, you lied shamelessly at your age claiming that it was Senator Buruji Kashamu that refused to buy into the reconciliation efforts. Remember that you told us by yourself that you have divided the State Exco offices into three. 40%, 30% and another 30% respectively.


You said that you have conceded 40% to Hon Ladi Adebutu and his group while you have given 30% to Prince Buruji Kashamu group and another 30% to another political group that you did not mention its name. 


You will recollect that Aare immediately countered you by saying that you lack the capacity to go into alliance or reconciliation with any other group or persons without the expressed authority of your executives.


Again, I want to emphasize on the fact that on our peace-seeking visit to your house, we did not offer you any money, and definitely we didn't offer you N10million Naira. 


The most worrisome and a very big shame is your statement that day that "are you not going to move up after your tenure as state Chairman?". So you could because of the promise of being given a National Executive position in PDP betrayed your benefactor. Honestly I am disappointed by this your shameless path.


As a parent myself, I must once again remind you that having listened to both your full side of the story and also on the side of Senator Buruji Kashamu, one may not be too fair if I fail to caution you to tarry a little and not to be in a hurry to destroy your own biological son BOLA whom you accused Sen Kashamu of paying him stipend of N200k as salary that is not worthy or commensurate with the level and status of your Son




You also claimed that Sen Buruji Kashamu by that payment of the N200k stipends to BOLA your son is an attempt to destroy the boy future since he can't achiev or make anything in life with such an amount.


On 5th of April also in your house, you told both Aare and myself that you are aware that your son built a house for himself but that you have not been there. You also told me in the presence of Aare Bakare that your son single handedly constructed the #500million Naira gigantic project of Omo Ilu Foundation complex at Ijebu Igbo with all the major contractors that were personal friends of your son.


 You voluntarily told us that your son have a petrol station to his name that your son also has a big farm in his name and you at the end justified the obvious existence of stealing by your son in the line of duties that it is not a bad idea for your son to make enough money and siphon as much money as he could from where he is working and trusted with your influence. Your son, BOLA DAYO is the owner of the N215m mansion constructed with Italian marbles and situated at plot 19, HAMONY AVENUE, KASUMU ESTATE, PHASE 3 AREA 2 IBADAN OYO STATE.


 The picture is of a high class mansion your son built by funds and materials diverted from the Omo Ilu Foundation complex projects including very expensive marbles as depicted in this pictures. All of the above including very classy cars are some of the things your son had under Senator Buruji Kashamu. A man who saw and knew of your son's theft but chose to keep quiet for your sake.




I shall here again remind you, Engr Bayo Dayo that in our peace meeting with you in your house, I told you a story of how Hon Ladi Adebutu deliberately worked very hard to pin a lie on me to the effect that he gave me a huge amount for to be given to a heavy weight political woman in Abeokuta North and one other person to the tune of N56m . I have a living witness to attest to this nonsensically nonsence allegations that occurred in his iperu home.


 On this background, you will also recollect that I told you that I have instructed my lawyers to write a formal petition against Hon Ladi Adebutu for his serial death threats to my life over the missing N56m.


My candid piece of advice is that you should think very deeply before you finally take the leap that will eventually turn catastrophic to you and your family's


Finally, Engr. Bayo Dayo, could it be considered intelligent to seal a sincere and lasting relationship with a man who has been in political and judicial battles with you and that you even assisted in wasting tons of money for, with the attendant humiliation and pains just a few years back ?.


Is it not very cheap and gullible for a 75 years old unrepentant hustler to allow selfishness, greed and treachery to push himelf this far away from wisdom at the risk and expense of his family well being?


Mark my words sir , there shall be regrets, frustration, sadness and loads of unceasing gnashing of teeth at the end of the path you have chosen to thread.


This attempt at trying to pretend at coming to equity with soiled and bloodied hands shall only result in one thing ... GRIEF!.


I wish to conclude with a prophesy that the fluke alliance you are hopelessly hoping to build is hopeless and shall collapse too quickly for you to comprehend and I hope you and your new found treacherous LADI ADEBUTU will be sent into political isolation after the oncoming heavy political defeat that is looming.


Lastly may it be clear to the security agencies and the good people of Ogun state that should anything untoward happen to my life, I put it at the door steps of Hon LADI ADEBUTU and Engr. Bayo Dayo.


Comrade Gentleman,

Arabambi ABAYOMI

Chairman, Ogun Labour Party


Recall that NEWS FLAKES NG had recently reported the suspension and subsequent removal of Engr Bayo Dayo as the former Ogun PDP Chairman over allegations of anti-party activities by the party's State Working Committe. 


Suspended Ogun PDP Chairman, Engr Bayo Dayo


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