Ogun community left in total darkness five days after beating IBEDC official

Power Outage

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….we have right to disconnect anybody, IBEDC insists


OGUN - Five days after some suspected hoodlums in Isale-Igbeyin/ Grammar school areas of Abeokuta in Ogun state reportedly beat up an official of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company for distributing electricity bill, NEWS FLAKES NG gathers that the community has remained in total darkness.


It was gathered that this is unconnected to the attitude of some of the residents of the community to the incident.


Recall that NEWS FLAKES NG had reported that an official of the IBEDC attached to Imo unit, Ayorinde Olajide was almost killed by aggrieved residents of the state for distributing electricity bill in Abeokuta part of the state during lockdown.


NEWS FLAKES NG further reported that Olajide was attacked by the aggrieved residents living in Isale-Igbeyin/ Grammar school areas of Abeokuta.


He was reportedly attacked with stones and his left eyes was purportedly damaged.


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It however learnt that the IBEDC officials on Saturday reportedly brought men of the Nigerian Police to the area to disconnect the cutoff in the transformer distributing electricity for the residents of Isale-Igbeyin/ Grammar school.


NEWS FLAKES NG also gathered that for five days the community has remain in total darkness.


Speaking with some of the residents of the community, they alleged that the IBEDC disconnected their power despite not owning the distribution company.


The residents insisted that there will not pay for two months electricity during lockdown because of the directive of the federal government.


They however lamented that many of them don’t sleep at night because of the heat currently in the community.


A resident identified as Bose Bayewu defended the boys that they attacked the IBEDC official because of the situation in the country.


She however urged the government to wade into the matter so that they can enjoy power supply during lockdown.


She said, “for about five days, we did not have power supply; we heard some set of young boys in the community fought with IBEDC official while distributing electricity bill.


“We want government to provide light for us. It was a mistake that those guys beat up the IBEDC official and that is because everyone is angry at this point.


Also another resident, Kolade Ajayi said the IBEDC official has been frustrating residents of the community.


He maintained that Olajide has turned himself to demigod in the community.


He said, “what we heard was that we will not pay electricity bill; we did not collect any bill last month.


“The guys the IBEDC official brought along were not IBEDC staff.


“He is someone that always come to this area drunk; he was arrested because he went to a house and alleged them that they don’t pay for bill, which got those one annoyed and they arrested him.


“The IBEDC official has been problem in our community, he has turned himself to demigod.


“Government cannot lock us down and still not give us electricity. “


Similarly, Olanike Adeyemi said, “everybody is angry with the situation of things in the country and that was why the IBEDC official was beaten.


“We appeal to the government to assist in doing this electricity because this power is very useful to us especially during this lockdown period.


“Since they have removed our light, we are unable to sleep at night because of the heat and we were not allowed to put on generator.


“We want government to come to our aid, they should help us.”


A resident, Adekoya Abisoye called for the dismissal of the IBEDC official.


She alleged that the IBEDC official is fine of collecting bribe from the people of the community.


She added, “everyone is angry, you can’t expect them to just give you money in this period like they used to do before. Moreso, we heard he has went to many houses where they have given him money.


“It those that beat him that they should cut their light; they should not inconvenient us because of some else sin.


“We are using prepaid, so what is our own business. We are not animal, so, they should not treat us like one; government should intervene.


“The man should be diismissed because he is always drunk whenever he comes here for operation.”


Meanwhile, the spokesperson of IBEDC in the state, Ayodeji Bada confirmed that distribution company truly disconnected the power supply.


The IBEDC PRO explained that the electricity of the community was disconnected for security reasons.


According to him, they were disconnected for safety reason and every customers know that they have to pay for services rendered.


He stressed, “there is no free electricity anywhere, they are claiming the federal government said they are giving them free electricity for two months, but that is just a proposal which has not been signed.


“So, every unit of electricity anybody is using must be paid. The place was disconnected for safety reasons; and once we clear them, power would be restored in that place.”


Bada maintained that IBEDC has the right to disconnect any community that refuse to pay electricity bill.




He added, “we have the right to disconnect, there is no law that say we should not disconnect, we are only showing sympathy to all our customers because of this covid pandemic.


“We are only not disconnecting because we know the situation on ground and everybody cannot take that for granted for not paying.


“You have to pay because we are paying for the energy to and we have to pay back, hence by next month if we are unable to pay the supply to Ogun Abeokuta and its environs will be reduced; they won’t give us enough energy if we are not paying and that is what we are trying to let the customers understands that there is no law that say we cannot disconnect.” (Platform times)



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